Good Action Movies

If you want good action movies to watch, I’ll discuss some of the best action scenes you’ll find. The idea of an action film isn’t just to see random fight scenes, car chases, and explosions. Sure, you probably want some combination of each, but you also want a story.

That story should involve action heroes going up against seemingly impossible odds. There’s more to a good movie villains than bad men commanding evil forces and organizations. These men have to represent the fears and frustrations people face in the world around them. The villainous antagonist should represent a real evil alive in the world today.

Great movie villains of the past include terrorists (or fake terrorists), drug cartels, Eastern European slave traders, crime syndicates, corrupt cops, and even more corrupt politicians. The hero in these films represents our frustrations at what we see around us. Inevitably, the story arc should set up these obstacles, then let the champion unleash his anger (and ours), winning ultimate victory and setting the world right again.

Good action movie protagonists should also represent us. Besides our problems, heroes should have the kind of human quirks and foibles people in the audience have. These men and women should also have charm, no matter how brutal and violent they might be.

Ultimately, the film hero does what we wish we could do: cut through the endless troubles and tribulations of life, destroying the evil, crime, and corruption that stood in their way. Below is a list of good action films where that happen.

  • Diehard – What happens when a smart ass New York cop and estranged husband fights a group of would-be terrorists at a corporate Christmas party…in a skyscraper? “Now I have a machine gun. Ho, ho, ho.”
  • Lethal Weapon – “There are no more heroes in this world, son.” Two Vietnam veterans against an evil conspiracy of Vietnam vets bringing drugs into the country.
  • Seven Samurai – This story winds out over 3 hours-plus, a story about seven samurai who hire on to save a village from marauders in the early 17th century. This was the inspiration for everything from The Magnificent Seven to Battle Beyond The Stars to the Samurai 7 anime.
  • Taken – Ex-CIA versus a white slavery ring. All you need to know: “I don’t know who you are. I don’t know what you want. If you are looking for ransom, I can tell you I don’t have money. But what I do have are a very particular set of skills; skills I have acquired over a very long career. Skills that make me a nightmare for people like you. If you let my daughter go now, that’ll be the end of it. I will not look for you, I will not pursue you. But if you don’t, I will look for you, I will find you, and I will kill you.”
  • Ip Man – 2008 semi-biographical Hong Kong film about “Ip Man”, the eventual mentor to Bruce Lee. The movie takes place in Foshan, China, during the Japanese occupation of China in World War II. You have to see this one scene where the martial arts master cuts loose after a series of slights and tragedies at the hands of the Japanese authorities.
  • Roadhouse – Southern-fried action story about a pair of honky-tonk coolers (Patrick Swayze, Sam Elliot) and their war against a small town’s local ruler, David Wesley. Full of memorable quotes and even one scene with evil villainy perpetrated by a monster truck.
  • Any Steven Seagal Movie until “Out for Justice” – The late-80’s movies are where it’s at for Seagal movies, including Above the Law, Hard to Kill, Marked for Death, and Out for Justice. This is when Steven Seagal was thin, he broke wrists and legs, and challenged whole bar rooms to “take my badge”. A little light on the great stories and good villains, but you get lots of testosterone, while viewing the oddball villain, Screwface: “Everybody want to go to heaven, but nobody want to dead.” (Not a typo)
  • Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon – Stunningly beautiful scenes, great story, and even better fight scenes. Directed by Ang Lee and starring Chow Yun-Fat, you have to see this classic. The action scenes were inspired by the Matrix. Speaking of which.
  • The Matrix – The movie which introduced the world to stop motion filming, The Matrix looks great visually. While certain plot elements are pretentious and the sequels were a mess, the original Matrix film was one of the few good mind-trip movies about the Internet ever made.

Others to Watch – Enter: The Dragon, Escape From New York, Mad Max, Raiders of the Lost Ark, Inception, Aliens, Brave Heart, Ran, The Wild Bunch, V For Vendetta, High Plains Drifter.

What the Best Action Movies Have in Common

Action movies are one of the most popular genres for studios in Hollywood. Although sometimes expensive to make, if done well, they all but guarantee big numbers at the box office. I still find it amazing that so many bad action movies still get green-lit when the recipe for a good action movie is pretty easy to come by. Let’s discuss, shall we?

With the word “action” right in the name of the genre, it’s pretty obvious that this is the number one element of the best action movies. Of course, that doesn’t mean that you can just throw a bunch of car chases and gun battles into the movie and call it a day. No no, audiences are a little pickier than that.

Seeing as the modern day action movie has been around since the 70’s, audiences have seen it all before. What they are looking for now is something original, or at least an idea that is taken to the next level. In a nutshell, action now has to be well thought out and orchestrated in such a way that audiences will be wowed.

But what is a good action movie without a hero you care about? We want to see a hero that we can identify with, one that we could almost be if it wasn’t for the fact that we like our cushy life a little too much. The hero of a great action movie always has the right combination of courage, guts and sensibility. We not only care for him or her, we need to root for the hero to win at all costs.

Of course, if you’re going to have a great hero then you need an equally impressive villain to go up against. Villains are sometimes even more important than the hero. Some villains are really just flawed heroes, a decision or two away from being the good guy. The best villains are portrayed as real people with real problems, not just an autonomous robot that only wants to destroy the world.

These movies are meant to set a frenetic pace for us to keep up with. The best action movies are able to make us feel like we are on the edge of our seats the entire film, feeling like we barely have time to catch our breaths before we’re swept along in another glorious action sequence. Although we can forgive a director for wanting to tell a little back story or introduce a love interest, we really need the movie to chug along without giving us a chance to get to comfortable.

Although some may argue that this next element is not completely necessary, I think in today’s high-tech world it is naive to think that any great movie is going to be without some special effects. The problem I have with some special effects is that they are thrown in there to hide the fact that there really is none of the other factors that make a movie good. When using special effects a director should be looking for ways to enhance the story, not detract from it.

Although there are other things that that movies of the action genre have in common, I think these are the big five. The next time you’re watching what you think is one of the best action movies you’ve ever seen, see if all the elements I’ve mentioned here are present.

Action Movies – It’s All About Virtues and Sins

The finest method of amusing yourself is to look at your favourite movies. Young persons are all the time waiting for a gripping movie release. Cinemas are their favourite way of passing their time. These chaps are often keenly interested in the movies with great combating scenes, thrilling sequences, and terrible explosions, etc. By watching these movies, they start to envisage the scenes in those movies. These high adrenaline movies maintain you immersed throughout the complete show. Some of the brilliant action-packed movies include The Matrix Trilogy, The Lord of the Rings, Star Wars Series, Gladiator, Spider-Man etc. All these movies are loved by the viewers till date.

A trilogy series of an action-packed movie “The Matrix” is an amazing work of art that won four Academy Awards for Best sound effects, Best Film Editing, Best visual effects, Best sound and more. This film was a concept of famous film makers duo Wachowski Brothers. The movie has a lot of action, fabulous cast and a mind blowing story. You’ll definitely be pleased about the film for its engrossing plot and incredible scenes. This ageless action film is based on the story of the war between men and machines.

One of the most legendary action movies is “The Lord of the Rings Trilogy”, which is really a fantastic movie. It startlingly depicts an imaginary world. The movie is worth watching with its captivating and terrible scenes. This movie is really a masterpiece from start to finish. The striking casting is factually the best seen in years. Peter Jackson has directed this superb film and his direction was been liked by people at large. The film was a huge triumph and is considered to be one of the most important movie assignments ever. It utilised a budget of $280 million and the whole movie took around eight years to complete.

Some of the other implausible movies are Dog Day Afternoon, Dead End, The French Connection and Morning Glory, Falling in Love, Broadway Melody, etc. If you want to get amazed with special effects and plenty of action, then “300” is a film that is really made for you. It is one of the best action movies and it is based on the epic graphic fiction work by Frank Miller. This movie is jam-packed with great actors, visual effects and graphics. It merges virtual backgrounds with live actions and captures the ancient historic tale. The movie is an astonishing mix that unifies metal and classical ingredients with a radiant storyline and great performances. You may also purchase action movies dvd and the action movies online and enjoy watching them time and again.

One of the best action movies “Star Wars Trilogy” was extensively commended by the viewers worldwide. The dazzling special effects and great storyline made this trilogy more than just a series of movies. The Star Wars trilogy has prejudiced millions of people all over the world. The trilogy includes the Star Wars, the Empire Strikes Back, and Return of the Jedi. The people who fight against the sin Imperial Forces with the help of Yoda include Captain Han Solo, Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia. There are lots of websites available, where you can buy or watch new action movies too.

The viewer can easily get a great assortment of top action movies if he looks back to the ancient times. They include reprisal, blood, loving relations, a powerfully built tough guy and a desperado. The great collection of these movies may vary from action to thriller movies. If you have decided to buy movies online, you must keep some most important facts in mind like – the DVDs and CDs should be original and not pirated at all. You should also check the authenticity of the website from where you are going to buy your favourite action movies. If you are planning to watch the movie online, you should assure that you are not watching those movies from any unauthorised sources. To watch the movies online, you should have high-speed internet and any supporting media player. This combination is necessary so that you can enjoy each scene of movie to the full extent.

5 Cool Facts About Classic Hollywood Action Movies You Probably Don’t Know

Action movies are the stuff of legend. For some, they seem like petulant little movies made with no real story. But for aficionados, action movies have everything in them — action (of course), adventure, sensuality, explosions, fast cars, and fight sequences. The list could go on.

One thing that is a bit interesting about action movie fans is the fact that true fans try to know as many details as they can about their favorite movies in so much as to almost become walking encyclopedias of knowledge & points of reference fit for your local restaurant’s trivia night. But much the same way that life works, you can’t know everything, and this is where this particular collection of facts shows its worth!

Here are five cool facts about some of your favorite action movies you never knew but will be sure to remember forever:

1. Silence of the Lambs – Most people tend to criticize big Hollywood action films by noting they have nothing to offer in real worth when it comes to an actual story worth checking out. Even though some may find this movie more suspenseful, it does keep you on the edge of your seat. ‘Silence’ is one of only a handful of films to have earned Academy Awards for the top categories (Best Picture, Director, Actor, Actress, and Screenplay).

2. The Fast and the Furious – Michelle Rodriguez and Jordana Brewster, did not have drivers licenses or even permits before production of the film. While this may seem somewhat odd, many actors and actresses focus their attention on their craft from a young age, sometimes bypassing milestones like this.

3. Jaws – Nearly a fourth of the movie was filmed from the surface of the water level. This unique perspective is key to the film’s terror as audiences could feel as though they were treading water or the very least to be near “Bruce”, the name given to the mechanical shark used during filming. The fact that only about 25% of the movie was shot this way is amazing when you consider that most of the more memorable sequences of the movie are all based in the water.

4. Gone with the Wind – Though often seen as a historical drama or even (oddly enough) as a romantic movie, ‘Gone’ is celebrated for its massive undertaking & sweeping look at a bygone era over the course of many generations. While the movie tends to have beautiful imagery of plantation life, it’s the ferocious action sequences & suspenseful scenes that take your breath away. This film was the first color film to win an Oscar for Best Picture.

5. X-Men – Though they give off an air of sophistication and class, actors Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellan had actually never played a game of chess in their lives. While not the most gritty action movie tidbit, it’s important to mention simply because far too many movie patrons are not willing to suspend all disbelief. It’s all about the details.

Action movies can be a lot of fun, so let the magic of cinema take you away from the drabness of everyday life.

Five Action Movies With A Great Heroine

The movie industry, in many respects, is an industry of trends and a reflection of the society around it. As such, when you look at the current crop of action movies that have been released in recent years, it should come as no surprise that many of them have begun to feature heroines prominently with their male counterparts.

Superhero movie connoisseurs can fully attest the idea that for decades, action movies and superhero movie has always reflected the importance of the male hero taking care of business, making sure evil was thwarted, and, of course, helping to save the damsel in distress. Luckily for movie audiences everywhere, times and attitudes have changed, and with action movie fans skewing a bit more female, the need for more featured heroines is at an all-time high.

Certainly, the changes to include more female heroines is a reflection on the push to have greater equality for women in all facets of society. This isn’t to say that there haven’t been pushes for female equality in the past (e.g., women’s suffrage, establishment of N.O.W.). But with the marked presence of female world leaders, a greater percentage of female CEOs, and more educational programs steered to including young women of all ages into math, science, and technology, the female action star is here to stay.

So, if you’re a fan of action films and strong women in feature roles, here are some great films to check out:

The Long Kiss Goodnight – Think of all of the action movies out there about government agents with amnesia who slowly understand their mysterious past, and then think of the sequels that got more intense. This movie is like all of them in one, and no amount of action or cinematic bang is left out.

Foxy Brown – Quite possibly the forerunner in female action films with a “super-bad” lead actress. Critics often pan Blaxploitation films as nothing more than trivial fodder worth less than the actual film they’re on. However, this movie was as influential as many of the male-led films of the same genre.

Wonder Woman – Some might argue that this should be first on this list. Take a tried-and-true iconic female character, build a good story around her, be sure to make reference to the source material of that character, and don’t skimp on the action. It’s a perfect formula for action film gold.

Kill Bill: Vol. 1 & 2 – What would you do if you were left for dead on your wedding day? You vow revenge on everyone involved. Paying homage to every important element of the traditional martial arts movie, this movie (in two parts) is a masterpiece.

Blue Steel – A bit of a surprise entry on this list, this movie presents a female lead actress in the role of a rookie cop that is the subject of an officer-involved shooting. The twist in the movie involves her needing to clear her name while fighting for her life.

Action movies, for some, aren’t the most intricate cinematic presentations simply because they depend on big explosions & light plots. Still, they do reflect the essence of film in that there is certainly a suspension of disbelief that comes with enjoying the wildness on the screen. Truth be told, this isn’t an exhaustive list of female-led action movies, but hopefully it acts as a springboard to even the casual fan to check out more of what female action stars bring to the table.

Nine Action Movies You Need to Watch Again

Nothing gets your adrenaline pumping like action movies. You sit through as much story as you can take only because you know the payoff will be endless action sequences right until the end of the movie. These are the films that make you want to run out of the theater and try your luck at a high-speed chase or jumping out of an airplane to save the day. Thankfully, you come to your senses and realize that you’ll either end up in jail, in the hospital, or worse.

Action movies are perhaps the quintessential “suspension of disbelief” vehicles, the types of films that make you forget that what you’re watching isn’t really real. Regardless of the explosions, the ridiculous assault on the suspension of the protagonist’s car, or the uncanny way a six-shot revolver can shoot forever without a reload, action-packed cinema is hard to beat.

You do, however, tend to miss some details. In order to truly get a feel for how awesome your favorite action movie is, you’ll need to re-watch it. While you’re at it, here are nine other frenzied celluloid masterpieces that you must re-watch (because, of course, you’ve seen them all):

1. Enter the Dragon – Bruce Lee’s formal introduction to American audiences is a massive success, but unfortunately he passed away prior to its release. If there were ever a pivotal martial arts movie, it’s this one.

2. Terminator 2: Judgement Day – Sure, the first movie is a classic, but nothing came close to the otherworldly special effects & powerful story that this sequel brought to audiences. Not only do you feel a bit more hope for humanity, but you’ll never forget the T-1000.

3. The Matrix – This 1999 movie brought new meaning to what it means to be human. Moreover, no other movie made you want to wear black leather & sunglasses, have the coolest cellphones, or have a creepy hole at the back of your head so you can learn Kung-fu in seconds.

4. Raiders of the Last Ark – Indiana Jones makes his debut in this non-stop action movie. From credits to credits, you’re hard-pressed to find another movie more awesome about archaeology & treasure hunting than this.

5. First Blood – Rambo hits the screen & decides that others drew “first blood”, thereby calling into action the take-no-prisoners warrior inside. This movie takes on prejudices, stereotypes, and all that entails coming home for troops.

6. Face/Off – Yeah, they switch faces & have to become someone else. It’s not high-end cinema, but you will have a hard time not getting buck-wild while watching every action sequence this movie has to offer.

7. Point Break – Surfing, bank robbery, extreme sports a la X-Games, presidential Halloween masks, and even a cameo by Anthony Kiedis from the Red Hot Chili Peppers? This movie has it all.

8. Die Hard – Though often thought of as one of the true action movie masterpieces of all-time, it also has to be said (and worth re-watching) that is perhaps the most entertaining Christmas movie ever, with so much Yuletide craziness happening, your head will be spinning. Terrorism, a love story, the holidays, and a catch-phrase for the ages make this movie a “must”.

9. The French Connection – Arguably one of the top 5 action movies of all-time, this movie embodies the grittiness of 1970s detective work in the big city. International crime and intrigue, a mysterious French figure, a rough cop called Popeye, and easily one of the top 3 car chase scenes in any movie, The French Connection is undoubtedly a “must watch” film for the action movie buff, as well as the hardcore movie lover & the aspiring movie maker. This is how movies should be made.

Action movies are than just shoot-’em-up messes with no story – they are the exact reason why going to the movies.